Well, there is not much to say, I am a Buddhist nun, fully ordained in the Theravada tradition, a Bhikkhuni. Presently living in a small monastery in the mountains in the North of Thailand.



  1. Venerable Ayya,

    Samanera Johann (me) just came across you page via Cittasantos blog-links and felt inspired to invite you. Some two years ago some lay people, most Geram speaking started to develop a multilingual “Virtual Vihara” http://www.sanghham.net dedicated for the Sangha and working place for everybody for personal practice.

    You are more than welcome to join, teach, share, read… what ever you are inspired to. If you have any troubles with registration, just let it be known sending an email to forumadmin@sangham.net but one can also take part unregistered, without account.

    There is a more than nonpublic Bhikkhuni and Bhikkhu area which is not much developed, since most do run there own thing. So if Ven. Ayya would like to develop or develop it, she is more than welcome, not to speak of dwelling as long and often Ven Ayya likes.

    Samanera Johann (me) trust that we might meet soon.

    metta & mudita
    Samanera Johann
    (begging Forest monk with no bindings in Cambodia, grown up in Austria and left home about 10 years ago)

    Please feel always welcome on sangham.net and to discover the pages of Zugang zur Einsicht (accesstoinsoght.eu

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