Jihad, thoughts on the 8.1.2015

There is nothing holy in killing, nothing honorable. Often I hear of honor killings, and today 12 journalists have been killed in the name of  God. Every day women and girls are killed for some honor of men. In no case killing is acceptable. In no case killing is honorable. In no case can killing be for the grace of god, for if a god needs people to kill for him he can’t be that great, after all. A person who kills others has no honor in his heart and there can be no love, not even love for a god – in the heart of a person who kills is only hatred.

Probably the majority of muslims is against terror and some are peaceful people who do not wish to harm another. Many muslims do respect women and do not believe that they are inferior. Many muslims have a good sense of humor. There are a lot of moderate muslims who do have the heart at the right spot, help, laugh, love and struggle with the internal and external difficulties of live as anybody who is a non-muslim on this planet.

If those moderate Muslims do not stand up, when they do not come out and make it known, that these terror acts, these killings are not in the sense of the Quoran but the evil works of terrorists and fanatics, when the moderate muslims do not help actively to stop those terrorist and cooperate with the countries where people have been killed in the name of Allah by terrorists, then any hope that here ever mighgt be peace and acceptance between religions will be lost.  Otherwise, how can they expect that muslims in general will be welcomed with open arms in countries where they seek asylum or where they live. How can people for whom killing is an option, who do not actively oppose terror, think that they can be accepted and respected in a world which is struggeling to find peace, equality of genders, races and religions. People, no matter what religion, what gender or race, all struggle to find peace.

Peace for the individual is of highest value. If we’d grant each other that much, peace, we would stop to harm others and the world become a livable place.

The Quoran has some beautiful passages and messages, and the original meaning as used from Mohammed has the meaning of struggle within ones mind, a fight against ones own evil.  All mystics or spiritual people of all religions fight this war with themselves. The Quoran speeks about love, respect and compassion as does the Buddha’s teaching and does the Christian Bilble. Of course there are differences in some regards, but the fundamentals of love and compassion are found in all religions and these are the fundamentals which all beings need. It is time to remember that!

I sit here on the mountain and fight a personal jihad aginst my defilments with the high hopes that I can, by that, increase the peace in the world, by makeing this one person harmless, peaceful, without greed, anger and delusion. Although I have become pretty harmless, I know how far away from the final goal I still am. But I struggle, I try.

What about You?



  1. On a personal level I try to create peace and compassion everyday in my own mind and small part of the world. I try to spread that message everyday as well. The unfortunate thing is, as much as I try to be peaceful and compassionate there are 10 or more people around me that are not. I struggle to find a common ground to start from with them. My words are lost to them most of the time. But, I keep in my mind the thoughts that my actions, hopefully, speak loud and clear to others that I want to live in a peaceful and compassionate world. I direct my body, speech, and mind towards that end every day in the hopes that it will ‘rub off’ onto others…..Metta to you

  2. Such a meaningful post, Venerable Nun. Everything You discussed here is so true. People fail to understand that peace can be found by living in harmony instead of doing actions which harm others as well as themselves (in a karmic sense!)

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