internet, the reminder of samsara

since about one months I have internet in the monastery up here in the mountains. It is very slow and serfing or watching vidoes or pictures is not possible. It is enough to keep in touch via social media with friends and family, it is good for texting updating the blog and be stand by for a emergency alert from my mom. If that ever reached me, I would drop everything and would be on my way to get to her. That is why I got the internet.

Using Internet daily since one months – just for short every time, is really shocking. Not the use of internet is shockin in itself but the news that I come to read every day. When I was young I stoped reading the newspapers or watching the TV news. News get around quickly, people would tell me the news anyway. I stoped using a certain email provider because the home page is full of news and advertisement. The one I use now is at least modest in that regard.

Since one month I witnessed the siege in Sydney by islamists, shootings on innocent black young men, killing of police officers in return, honor killings of women, rapes, scandals in christian churches and among Buddhist monks, the ban of Bhikkhunis in Thailand, airplane crashes and today again a massacre in Paris by islamists. Most probably I forgot to mention half of it.

Usually I cannot see any pictures or vidoes, that takes to long to download, I just see the headlines and sometimes a newspaper article. And indeed internet has become for me a source of developing profound disgust for this world. Still I think the world is beautiful and I am full of attachment for it. Be not worried, I am not depressed in that sense. But I do try to look at it through the Dhamma and to take the news as a media to get detached through seeing the suffering.

I might live at one of the most charming places I encountered on my travels around the globe but even here it is obvious that there is suffering. And when the sufferings here are not enough, there is always the internet. Today I was considering to close facebook, though. But even if I do, I do still live in samsara.

The other day I spoke with a friend of possibly moving away from this most charming, beautiful place. She asked why and I told her about rats and grasshoppers and moggots in the food. She screamed that this is very unhygenic, ‘no’, I said, ‘they are cooked and a delicacy among the poor people up here, they put them in the food on purpose.’ There are more and other reasons which might make me move, but that will not happen before the travels, which seem to start end of February. I heard that the tickets have been purchased but I don’t have any notice yet.



  1. I to stopped watching the news. I don’t read the newspaper nor have any social media besides my google+ account. I have enough Samsara in my life and around me that I don’t need to add more on purpose. I am not a Bodhisattva yet. As far as moving away from the place you are, think of it this way, does the location change the Dharma? If all other factors like, food, clothing, and safe shelter are met, then as long as you turn your mind to the practice and learning of the Dharma your location should not matter. The reason I tell you this is because my wife and I talk about moving all the time. Then I stop and ask myself those questions. I have lived in the same house and town for over 20 years, if that tells you anything….I don’t have a Dharma center real close to me but I have the internet and Venerable Chodron’s support via the internet for my Dharma learning and practice. Being safe and healthy are very important factors to consider though…Hope this helps….

    In the Dharma,
    Kalden Case

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