new year

The new year has started silently for me, no big celebration, no fireworks. I went to bed as usual  without waiting for the time to pass beyond 0:00 o’clock.

Next morning I went to my new companion, the old monk who was a schoolteacher here in the village for 2 years about 30 years ago. He retired in the meantime and has now one vassa as a monk.

He is friendly and humble and the people like him because many of them learned reading and writing with him. He is by far more deaf than I am and so communication with him is extremely limited. Which is totally ok. He loves dogs. Which is great!

He had secretly fed Masher Muffinsson, to make him his dog. On the new years morning I went to him and told him that he shall feed the dogs from now on, I would prepare the food and he would give it to them.

The stressed monk did not understand due to my limited Thai and his deafness and was shocked that I found out that he is secretly feeding the dogs. He apologised and felt ashame. I laughed and tried again, this time yelling at him, that I actually want him to feed the dogs because I would go travelling soon. Oh, he was happy and relieved.

So, yes, I will be travelling quite a bit from March on. Hope to be back here for the vassa. Not too sure if I will be let back into Thailand because I am a Bhikkhuni and male Sangha has issues with Bhikkhunis. But that is all future. For now I am still here and enjoy it.

The dogs, especially Masher got used to Tu Uiquickly, he lives in the kuti where Masher was born and spent his first months together with me. Hercky always needs time to get accostomed to new situations but Tu Ui can touch him already.


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