Dementi at errata

Often when I write something, it is outdated already when I post it. Either because it turns out to be incorrect or stupid or it changed or my understanding about it changed. Usually I post it anyway. What is there to lose in a journey of struggle. Nothing can be too embarrassing, for others may learn from it.

So, one stupid thing, among others that I wrote not to long ago was: ‘Beauty deceive me not.’ It sounds nice, I still like it somehow. But how could beauty ever deceive me. It is me being deceived because my mind is easy let astray. Beauty is mere beauty. That is just that. It is ultimate in its suchness but is relative in the eye of the observer. When I get deceived by it, well, then that’s where I am, greedy silly nun, attached to beauty.

Another thing that sounds stupid but isn’t that much, is when I wrote about male dominance in monasteries. I got quite some displeased looks for that one. But sincerely, there are I don’t know how many ten thousands of monks in Thailand  and only about 80 Bhikkhunis, there are I don’t know how many thousands of monasteries in Thailand and only may be 3 monasteries for Bhikkhuni’s. Sometimes Mae Chii’s live in monasteries, only the nuns, but it is very common that they have a male abbot. So, it is a matter of fact, that by nature there is a male dominance. Without meaning it in any way badly or being it sour.

The monasteries where I happen to be more frequently are totally male dominated but I deeply love and respect those monks and abbots there. To many of the monks I know I feel friendship. But that does not change the fact that there are more Bhikkhus then Bhikkhunis. And to one of he few Bhikkhunis that does not feel right.  We need many Bhikkhunis, good ones.

I think in Hongkong or Taiwan the Bhikkhunis are predominant, to be fair.  So if anyone felt offended, please forgive my stupidity of not being clearer.



    • Dear Howard, I am happy to hear from you and tried to check both links to the websits. But Internet here on the mountain is so slow, that it cannot fully load the contents of the pages. None the less, I will check them when I happen to go to a place with better internet. I will gladly communicate with the Venerable Tubten Chodron, best for me is chat or email. My email address is phalanyani’at’, ‘at’ replaced by @, of course. Please send my respect to your venerable teacher. And for you many blessings. Phalanyani Bhikkhuni

  1. Thank you for the reply. I will forward your email to the wonderful monastics at Sravasti Abbey.
    Be safe and well. And please keep up the blogs. They are very insightful and contain a lot of Dharma.

    In the Dharma,
    Howard Case
    aka. Thubten Kalden

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