In America

A long time ago in a country now called America 3 friends were living . They were what we now call Indians or native Americans. They lived with their tribe. The people themselves did not use this name to refer to themselves, only the intruders gave them these names. The different tribes had names like Navayo, Sioux, Apache… They all were strong skilled and proud people who lived a life in harmony with  nature. They were nomads and roamed through a large area where they would find food, depending of the time of the year.

The different tribes lived wide spread in this large country and fights among the different groups were rare. Some tribes were more aggressive and would attack another group but most of the tribes were peaceful and not fighting if not necessary.

Yet every young man learned to fight and to hunt. To hunt was essential for the survival of the entire tribe. Young men would test their strength and have competitions. Often these tests and competitions were friendly, could be bloody but nobody would be killed, though sometimes it happened that the young men were so ambitious that a fight in friendship turned into a serious fight.

The 3 friends of this story grew up together, were born in different families but grew up like brothers. They were about the same age and had never spend a day without meeting each other. They played together when the mothers sat or worked together and often the games were about training the skills in hunting and fighting. As much as they could not be without each other, they would start to quarrel. Two of them always got into fight and the third was always the peacemaker, the judge. He was intelligent and sensitive and to get him into a fight was almost impossible. He could turn every anger of others in peace and friendship, that was his gift.

One day, the 3 friends had already grown into young men of about 16 years of age, when their tribe was attacked in a summer with little water. The 3 had been in the hills at the coast out of the redwood forest on a lofty hill overgrown with grass. They had been in a competition fight. The two who always fought were trying to beat each other in throwing knifes at each other and escape from the knife that the other had thrown at the same time. The third had been the observer and judge. He was a spiritual boy and could see and speak with the spirits. He would become either the seer or the medicine man of the clan.

Suddenly they heard the screaming in the village and ran to their horses to ride to help their people. They shouted toward each other, half in play half in being alert that the village might have been attacked, ‘we meet here again’. They didn’t set time and date because they expected it to be the next day as always. Then, just when they were about to ride toward the village they were attacked by worriers of another tribe and all 3 were killed.

The two of the young men who had been fighters had been reborn in the same place in several different forms. Always as creatures which were quarreling and fighting against each other. Large and small, always together for several hundred years. The third one had been reborn in a far away country and continued his spiritual growth as a human being.

Then one day it happened that the third, now in a new form as a human woman, had returned to America and had come to the same spot where the friends had been killed with the open appointment to meet here again. Standing there looking and wondering why she had to come here, suddenly two flies came to the very same place. The flies came from different directions and flew straight toward each other as if they would attack the other but then just before hitting they changed directions and flew around her head for a while. There was something joyful in this meeting, as if 3 friends meet again after a long time. She watched the flies smiling and thought of this story. After the meeting the two friends buzzed off together over the meadow and she walked her way.


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