Chicken run

Chicken run

I had one female chicken around my kuti with her little tweety, they are both quite tame, Ruby, the red headed violent hen and her offspring Rubitoo. Suddenly appeared a group of 5 young chickens and a young hen with her 7 chicks in addition to the regular guests of the monastery, Gawski and Gawbert two roosters in company of their hens. They all, seeing Ruby and Rubitoo coming on the veranda felt inspired to come close.

I admired Rubi a bit because she was fearless. She was totally mother and whoever was in the way of her young one’s food, was chased away. She and dog Masher Muffinsson kept all other chickens away. She changed her behaviour, became a bit tame and Masher is out of house often these days, dog Hercules loves all other beings and is far away from chasing any chicken. When chickens come and want his food, he goes away and lets them eat. I have to stay with him while he eats otherwise he would not get anything, Masher and the Chickens would not leave a single grain of rice for him.

Hercules (as all other cats and dogs of the monastery) received his name from A. D. The name Masher could not be more fitting for this young dog.

Hercules in the contrary could not be more unfitting for the dog who is carrying this name. A. D. Brught him to kun Pang when he was tiny. He had had his both frontlegs broken and was walking wobbely, he had almost no hair and was afraid of everything. But already then he had this great affection for other beings. He loved Shabala who is now again in Sri Pradu, he loved Masher, he loved the cats and he even loves the chickens. He would play with them and take them carefully into his mouth instead of biting them to death as other dogs. When the cat was dying he was around and would have licked it, if I hadn’t stopped him. He loves picking the rice together with the chickens when I throw it on the ground. The chickens and he have their nap in the afternoon underneath my kuti together.

He is fearful and slow in understanding but is so happy when he understands something and does it right. But then again, he has such fine senses, he hears and smells and reacts to everything much earlier and quicker than the other dogs. When I have a wound he comes and wants to lick it and when I had and infection in my ear, he sniffed my ear and started licking. When I had an invasion of ants coming towards my kuti, I saw just a part of the armee that had already arrived. Hercules sniffed along the kuti to the middlepillar, when I checked why, I saw that there it was full of ants.

He is now about one year old, beautiful white full and fluffy hair, with black eyes. His legs grew straight, he does not jump much but his walk is not wobbely any more. He has a funny howl when he is happy or exited sometimes just makes little

Yeasterday I saw him watching the young hen with her 7 chicks, near him was a fruit that had fallen from a bush. He got up, took the fruit carefully in his mouth and brought it to the hen who is not afraid of him. She and the chicks ate the fruit.

He is the first at chanting and even comes to get me when I am getting late. He must be a Bodhisattva, in his white coat, devoted to the Buddhas, and after he had taken the bodhisattva vow, something went wrong and he became a dog. That is just a theory, not a knowledge.

P.S. weeks after writing this
He is just a wonderful and affectionate, sensitive being. When I now went down to Wat Sri Pradu for some ceremonies, I took him with me. Masher Muffinson is deeply in love with a young dog of the village and the neighbor promised to take care of him. He is an (almost) everybodies darling, strong and capable. He would even survive alone in the forest.

Hercules gets along better every day with the other dogs of this new place, even the cats stopped hissing at him. I am relieved that he fits in, although he is still afraid. It seems that I might travel to Australia for two months. It would have been breaking my heart to leave him without giving him into care of someone. I vehemently state that it is not my dog, as a nun, a homeless with uncertain future, I cannot not take responsability for a dogs. But I have to admit I am attached to this little Hercules with his simple good mind. Being a dog in Thailand is a really, really unfortunate birth. Life as dog is dangerous and usually ends early and miserable. May lovely Hercules and Masher Muffinsson, the always guilty Shabala and terrible Muffin live a long happy doslife and find a peaceful end and a fortunate next birth.

For what may happen to dog’s in Thailand see this link watch the vidoe of the illegal dog trade (if you have strong nerves, I could not watch it, I saw just a few pictures and shut the video, crying) and sign the petition!


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  1. Some animals have such a wonderful ability to show us how WE should act. I raise chickens and they have taught me allot. Metta to you!

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