Alone at home

A. D. Has left the monastery right after the vassa to go to Chiang Mai to study Abhidhamma. He is gone since about a week. He was away so often and long during the time we lived in the same monastery that I do not really feel much differecne yet. The mayor difference to times when he earlier had been away for some days or some weeks is, that now he took the cats with him.

Masher is out because some of the female dog sof the village are in heat. He is totally enthusiastic about it, comes only here to eat and to groan at Hercky and the chickens when they come near. He is an adult now since he had his first sex althou he’s premature, he is not even one year old. This morning on almsround I saw him and a youg female dog trying to get together but she was protected by 4 senior dogs. There was just no way to get together. Hercky is not interested, he lives a chaste life, like me and we are, except for the feeding times alone in the monastery.

After the past exhausting days it is most welcome to be alone in a quiet monastey. I caught a cold and Hercky has the skin desease and is like me very tired, so we rest a lot, I in the kuti and he in the shadow underneath.
Most probably I will change Hercky to Hiri or to another more fitting name.

Other changes are. I am not travelling for two months as I had originally intended. Then I would have been back for a months and again travelling in February. Set the case I will be invited there again. Then again two months here and then to Germany in Spring. I am also again invited to go to Australia but am not sure when I will find the time.


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