Heart broken

Has your heart ever been broken?
And you felt all the pain?
Trying to sooth the suffering thinking:
‘Since now it is broken it can’t break anymore’?
But then it broke once more and again
When your love left,
Your child, your mother and father or friend,
when they died.
It broke when you heard of the hunger and war,
And it broke when you could not help.
It will break again and again as it always does,
since eons in every life.
It broke as a lions heart when a spear pierced your young one,
As a child who saw the mum carried away by a beast,
Millions of times it broke cause of love,
As a women for being reduced to an object of lust,
And as a man when you had to do what a man has to do,
Then it broke cause the world and all others are bad,
And then when you saw that you are the same,
When people betray, deceive and slaughter each other
And as an insect, carelessly trampled upon,
When you killed and were killed,
Or when you sat as a beatle in dung.
It will break again as it always does.
It will break into thousends of pieces
– and then –
it will break some more.
So often, so much that the pieces will become like fine grain of sand
then more, until it is merely dust.
Until there is nothing left,
Until you find: in this Nothing
there is all love –
wide, open, beyond time and space
Unconditioned, boundless, limitless.
And of you there is no trace.


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