Two days ago the work on my new kuti here in kun Pang began. Little by little I will post pictures of the progress. Soon we have a big holiday so there might not be much progress.


There have been two monks visiting again, they went straight to the villagers, telling them bhikkhunis do not exist, etc. They wanted to stay here for long, one of them said to me. They are gone now.


I hope that my dear friend and nun Maggadhira can come and stay here with us for some time once the new kuti is ready. She said may be it is possible in June. That would be wonderful.


Days go by with going on almsround, sweeping leaves, feeding (and cuddling a bit) dogs, learning (and at the same time forgetting) Thai, getting desperate over a translation of the Bhikkhuni vibhanga from German into English (I gave up), and practice of mindfulness and concentration, applying right effort whenever mindfulness reminds me to do so, daily evening chanting etc. etc., a very uneventful, happy living.


This year will be my fifth vassa. Increadible how time flies. I wanted to be a nun for one year only and now I am in robes for seven years.


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