Didn’t tell it yet

Not long ago, when I was considering where to go or/and settle one of the villagers of Kun Pang where I live since 8 months, came and said they would like to build a new kuti for me in the monastery. The kuti where I live is actually the bell tower with dome wooden plaks around the basement. It is very beautiful and I never complained to live there. But thei were afraid the bell might fall on my head and the bathroom is a bit away and a poisonous snake has been seen around so they don’t like much that I have to go there at night. As a result they came up with the ‘new kuti’ idea.

Overjoyed I mentioned this to friends and they started gathering funds for the project without even being asked.

Day before yesterday they went to get the first load of construction material.

In about 60 days the kuti might be ready to move in. It’ll take long because the Songkrang festival in April no one will work at that time. They can build a wooden house within 3 weeks. I saw it happening.

I am still a bit speechless because of the geerosity of the donors and the invitation of the villagers. There are still few who do not believe that bhikkhunis exsist butit seems they are outnumbert.

In Singapore on my trip there for the chinese new years celebration,  300 people, following of my friend Bhikkhuni Hui Hai donated 40 thousand bath, my friend in Bangkok, Sirikarn, her son Kub, her friend Samyom each 10000 bath, my friend in Chiang Mai Dr. Bursara who lost her only son last year and her husband donated 50000 bath, of which 2000 come from Mae Chii Elena, 1000 from Mae Chii Sujai, and 300 from each, Mae Chi Supi and Mae Chii Anjali. And just yesterday I received an email from Adhimutta Bhikkhuni announcing that Dhammadharini, a organisation who sponsors Bhikkhunis, will contribite 5000 bath also.

This is overwhelmingly wonderful. I would never had expected this. May the Dhamma protect you all as it protects me. (It does ptotect me exteremly well, in my opinion.) May the offering done by any of the donors, may it have been small or large, lead you closer to the end of suffering!

Anumodana. Congratulations to all involved, to the donors of money because generosity is the first parami, and all of you gave without being asked, without thinking twice, means your parami is pretty good developed. To me because within 60 days, when the kuti is doen, I will sit in it on my meditation cushion and feel as safe and well as in my mums womb, knowing that I have friends out there in this samsara and their generosity is protecting me. To the villager because they brought up the idea of the kuti and their offering to give me a place to live and practice led my friends to their generous donation which in the end will at least in parts remain as wealth in an otherwise quite poor village. Which makes me happy 🙂

I will come down sometimes and post some pictures of the construction.


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