up and down

Again I went to the valley monastery. Intended was a stay for two days. It turned out to be a one week trip. At the monastery a parivasakam was held. A monks business. But others can join for most parts as in a retreat with talks and group meditation. Only few ceremonies are ‘monks only’.


The first day when I came, one monk spoke out loud what some other monks migght have thought silently. ‘What does she want here? How can she be a Bhikkhuni? Where did she ordain? Etc.

Another monk asked: And, do you have a problem?


Next day a friend monk who came from Bangkok to join the parivasakam held a speech. Not in particularly my favour, but in favour of the training of monastics in the rules, acceptance, metta, karuna. After that the situation changed. I don’t know whether more was going on in the background when the monks were among themselves. But they really became all very friendly.


When I came back to Kun Pang, the monk was still here and had taken care of the dog. His friend had come and lived n the abbot’s kuti but was about to leave.


It was much warmer in the valley and is now much warmer here. This morning it was 16` celsius.


When I was in the valley I had called my mum for christmas and told her how bitter cold it was: 8 degree. Then she told me how uncommonly warm it was in Germany: 8 degrees. Well, all is relative.

This post is in the wrong order probably all of the former posts are. Doesn’t matter so much, no? And again I am back in the vally. Since there was a car going down today. So I am here before the 8th. 🙂


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