unknown species

Today I had an encounter with a ‘ping’ (high tone). It seems to be something like a leech just much, much bigger. It was in the water tap in front of my kuti. I wanted to wash my hands and opened the tap, instead of water slowly some slime dropped out, I closed the tap and postponed hand washing. Later I checked whether now some water would come, another big lump of slime came out. I thought that a creature might be caught in the pipes so this time I left the tap open that the pressure of the water could help the creature to get out. (cause of the slime I thought it might be a snail but could not imagine that it would be alive).


Then I went to feed the dog and when I came back to my kuti something long ugly and weird was hanging out the tap. Injured and bleeding but alive. My mind was searching for a known equivalent, but snake or hyper giant worm was all I can think of. Never saw something alike. I had the brief intention to help it out and approached with my hand but then I remembered that a woman from the village told me just a few days ago that she had seen a poisonous snake next to the bathroom building of our monastery, a bite from it and one dies within 3 hours. So I pulled my hand back and went out of the way where the water pressure would spit out of the tap whatever it was that stuck in it. It expanded and contracted several times and then wush! It dropped out, into the bucket.


I went with the bucket to the neighbors, a woman asked me where I go, I showed her the bucket and she almost ran away screaming. She was utterly disgusted and said she was scared. The creature bites but is not poisonous. Better not be bitten by one of these. They probably can suck a lot of blood.


You definitely don’t want to be reborn as one of this kind. Wow, to love this being is a long way to go. (see me shaking my head in disgust) For now it must suffice that I wish no harm to it and do not scream to my mum or any one nearer: ‘Yiiikk, kill it.’ It is still in the bucket in water what it seems to need and we’ll see if it survives its injuries.


Now I can’t continue to write because a big black hairy nozzle moves between hands and keyboard and brown eyes say ‘give this dog a cuddle’.


P.S.: I went for a walk into the village to inquire whether someone would go down before the 8th. I spoke with Kun Waa, she understands my Thai and knows what is going on in the village. She told me stories about the ping. Uahhh! They bite and suck. When they are smaller, they can come out of the tap and in your glass and when your don’t watch they creep into your nose when you drink or you drink them and they get hold in your throat and then they go up and down the sinus, throat tract. That happened to one man. One does not die but it must be extremely unpleasant and painful and you don’t get them out. To a child it happened while swimming that one went into the nose and when the child was sleeping the end which was not fast sucked somewhere in the nose was dangeling out of the nostril. She use her hands and especially the fingers to give her stories some vivid expression.


Good that I do not go swimming in the river and drink only boiled water. Her recommendation was to cover the end of the tap with a piece of cloth. Will do that. 


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