back again

Back in Kun Pang. Trip here was good. The monks of the wat in the valley had to go somewhere, so they just dropped me off at Tum Bua Kao, at the noodle shop, where everybody who drives down the hill or back up makes a short stop.


The monastery car just arrived at the noodle shop and a second later a second car passed us and parked in front of us. We got out of the car, the woman of the noodle shop just told us she thinks no one would go this day back up the hill, when Kun Duck Gert and a companion dismounted the car that had parked in front of us. His family supports us when we go on alms round. He had just a short cigarette break before going back home up the hill and he was more than happy to take me. The monks said I shall come back home to Sri Pradu soon. Very nice.


As I expected, the little puppies did not come back to the monastery, which is good. Their mum comes, asks for food and disappears again. The abbot wanted to give me one of his two dogs, I refused, yesterday he left the monastery for some days and took the dog with me. I am happy that I am not burdened with a dog but also unhappy that the little bothering creature had to go. It will stay in another monastery, where it was born. So now I have to take care of only one dog. This one is easy to handle and not too needy, it is concerned about getting food in time and has a tendency to chase after chickens when it is hungry. Having to feed me and one dog only with the alms we might not go hungry this time.


The first night in my kuti I had something like a mild night mare. I dreamt I had my outer robe on the cloth line and was about to take it in because it was dry, I noticed a little hole and thought, well, I’ll mend it right now, looking closer at my robe I saw that my entire robe was full of holes, eaten by a bug, impossible to repair, the bug was still chewing on it. I was so shocked that I woke up. I take the holes as defilements, then, seeing them and seeing the impossibility to mend it, that shock I had when I woke up, makes sense.


Apart from that all quiet.


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