silly nun

I will give the blog its old name back. Silly nun.

As for sure you are reading the blog of a silly nun. I can say that because it is about me. And I say it with a lot of laughter.

Wow wow wow. Pondering on how the idea of love has to be modified, so that my common understanding of it can transform into real metta, I stumbled over my former thoughts and words. And I lower my head in shame. Not that I didn’t know it in theory earlier, I would always have given great discourses on how bad it is to have aversion and how dangerous to be judgemental.

Mara’s trap: for the love of the purity of the Buddha’s teaching I blame fellow human beings – and doing so I violote the Buddha’s teaching. That, dear nun, has nothing to do with love but with aversion, aggression.

This is just one of those moments mentioned in an earlier post: One fails and there is no hiding and no running away. The only option is to move on, brave and flexible improvising until one gets back on track.

I try not to judge myself now, really, but being judgmental as I was in some of the posts, stupid, innit? (wanted to add the smily-icon ‘laughing tears’ but I don’t get ti together)

‘Mara, I can’t say I know you but on thing is sure, you are a great teacher.’

May love and compassion grow in this nun and all beings.


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