white dog

Here is one dog, among those plenty dogs, who is really the poorest creature one can imagine. It is a white large dog, looks a littlebit like a Labrador and has beautiful eyes. At some point on its lifecontinuum it must have doene something really, really bad for which it is now wearing out the kamma. It is thin like a skeleton, it is limping because one hint leg is disfunktional. All other dogs seem to dislike it and chase it away. It is wearing a chain around the neck and seems to have escaped from somewhere. Whereever it goes and searches refuge, first it is attaced by the resident dogs and then yelled or beaten by the people. It came often to the monastery but we do not have enough food for so many dogs. One dog here is pregnant and I expect her to have quite a lot of puppies and then D. has his two dogs. Also the dogs here attack it. Since I know it, when it came to the monastery for the first time, it gets more and more broken and desolate. Now it has some open wounds on the back. We wanted to give it some medicine but another dog who comes often suddenly rushed on it from somewhere and had eaten up the food with the medicine we wanted to give, before we even could react. I didn’t think it would survive the open wounds and I didn’t see it since some days. Then it was back on the street and tried, unsuccessful, to enter the monastery. All resident and visiting dogs ran towards it for attack, so it fled, but I saw that it has a new wound on its head, as if someone has beaten it very hard.


It might not live much longer and in this case I will be happy when I see it one day dead on the street – may it then find a better life.


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