sweet potato

Sometimes the people of this village are sooo sweet. As today. It is, although the rainy season has officially ended, a rainy day. Since days the clouds are hanging on the top of the mountain and we don’t get to see the sun.


We have two directions in which we go for alms, one is right which is called outside of the village and left is called inside of the village. The only explanation for this categorization might be that on the left the head man of the village is living. To the ‘inside’ the village, the 5 houses around the head mans house it is about a 20 minutes walk. On the the road to that part we pass another cluster of maybe 8 or 10 houses which would geographically be the inside of the village.


We go to outside of the village one week for alms round and the next week we go to inside of the village for alms. It happens that we go to the geographical center of the village every day. People are quite devoted and although they are very poor, some of them give every day. Even if it is just a little rice. Food is always some sticky rice with something from the forest. Often Bamboo, or mushrooms or leaves or fruit from the trees, or hunted animal. They always ask me if I can eat their food. And I can. Since I am here I have almost no vomits and seldom stomach problems (only the pain).


Today the some people from the geographical center had it very important that I come to their houses. They were not ready yet and told me to go ahead to others and wait on my way back at their houses. So I did. I saw then two old people from one house to another sending someone somewhere… an old man ordering his wife to get the food ready for alms… But I had to go on… When I came back one toothless old Lady came out of her house with a big smile and offered so proud and happy man farang (farang is westerner), two potatoes. When I went further to the next house the old man came out offering humbly some cooked cabbage and pointed out at the end of the blessing that I must eat it with the potato. So touching and heartwarming – they made a western meal. How can one be other than grateful and loving? Cannot!


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  1. This is such a lovely sharing bhikkuni. The villagers going out of their comfort zone to provide you with western food is so heart warming. Many merits to them and to you for sharing this little story.

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