Salakapat preparation

AD Is gone now for 3 weeks. Tomorrow is the Salakapat. I have no doubt AD will come in time for the ceremony, although, the wisest would be to come only afterwards. They came to the monastery to prepare everything today. They brought a large sound system and I heard already some Karaoke CD’s. Everybody was busy, the window peeing monk arrived last evening. He is very very friendly to me now. I’m friendly too and do the things a junior should do to a senior, like bowing, bringing water etc.


The box with the dogs stood in front of the vihara, it had to go. The woman who is actually the real holder of the mother dog Bindu, whos real name is ‘dog’, came with a basket and took the 8 puppies to her home. The old monk explained to me that I should not be upset they will certainly come to visit as they live close by. I said it is good that they are gone, I have not enough food even for two dogs. Bindu was running around in the monastery searching her babies. I brought her home twice, she saw her puppies there but was very confused. Later in the afternoon she seemed to have understood that her breed had been moved. She came only back at feeding time.


Last Sunday afternoon they sent some children who come sometimes, they wanted me to draw them somethings, but in between they asked all sorts of questions, wanted me to write my name in English and in Thai letters. So I thought they were sent. Anyway, Oom, the boy loves me, (the way an 8 year old loves a nun, nothing to worry about) he folded a boat ou of paper for me and said, that when I go away from here I shall take it, when I miss Kun Pang I can look at it and feel better. Sooo, sweet!


I did a big part of the job of preparation during the week. Little by little. Couldn’t do too much or to quick because of the wounds at the hands. But cleaned the altar, swept the grounds and after Kun Surin was so nice to repair the toilets I was so nice to clean them a bit, which is a quick job, done with a lot of water and a broom. So today I could lean back and let the others do. I thought today, when I observed the men working, that they with noise and commenting create a higher work energy, you just work like this when you do it silently and mindful. Not to say that they power themselves out. There are always few working and a whole group sitting around then it shifts others are working and the former workers rest and chat.


At noon the men were done and I thought I would have peace for the rest of the day. But after a short lunch break, the head of the village, some strangers and the former mentioned sound system came and during siesta they did for almost 2 hours sound check. Neung, song, tae, tae, neung, song… (one, tow, testing, testing). Then there was a moment of silence before I heard the children giggeling and “bhikkhuni, bhikkhuni’ and then already stood at my window piking in. The women of the village had come to do something in the kitchen, which is more a storeroom and I didn’t smell food but they left at 5 in the afternoon.


I heard A.D. Is coming tonight. And the old monk declared that we will share the blessing giving, I too will have to do it. We’ll see how that goes.


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