mother instincts

Good that Bindu didn’t eat much during her last days of pregnancy. We had quite a shortage of food. I decided that I give more to the dogs and supply myself with sugar and honey if necessary. That was not the consideration of a compassionate Bodhisattva mind but just mere longing for peace among the dogs pack. On some days I had too little food to give them, even when I gave parts of my portion to them. They were a bit nervous and there was a notable tension which got more intense since Bindu was expecting to give birth at any moment. She looked as if she would explode, so big was her belly. She had mutated into a mom-inator. Instincts had taken over.


After she had given birth to her 8 puppies, she had shaky hint-legs for two days.


Muffin, who took part during the 3 hours of labor by observing closely what was going on, had been close with her before the birth and he didn’t change his feelings for her. But Bindu, having become instinct only, started to fear for her babies, when he came close, because he has developed this bad habit of groaning at everyone and everything. (He is a fearful dog so I assume he wants to give himself a little bit a dangerous touch by groaning)


I had prepared a birth-box for Bindu outside so, given all the tension, the groaning, the instincts, I moved moved Bindu and babies out of my kuti the very next morning after her giving birth. It turned out that she loved the box. And she patrolled in front of it or was with the puppies inside. No one, except me was allowed to approach the box.


Then in the afternoon Muffin dared to just pass by, not thinking of anything bad. Bindu came out of the box and attacked him he showed his teeth, she suddenly clenched her teeth into his face. I was not too far away and just saw her big corner tooth approaching his eye. It was very strange I saw it kind of in slow motion and I remembered AD’s words before he left (earlier) ‘You have to take care of him as if he were your eye’. In less than a second I rushed into the scene and grabbed one dog with the left, the other with the right and tried to separate them, but they both had their teeth somewhere in the other. In due course of separation, I saw, how some teeth here and some teeth there found my hands instead of the other dog, I saw the blood coming out of my hands, got the dogs separated, pushed Muffin in my kuti with one hand and kept Bindu in the other. Her jaws were moving automatically. She looked at me with a glace saying, ‘ I don’t want to bit but I can’t help it’, she had no control over it for that moment. Knowing Muffin save, I took Bindu and cuddled her with both hands.


Then I washed the wounds on my hands and went to the neighbours to ask whether someone could help me to move the box to another place, where not many other people and dogs would pass by.


On my way a car carrying friends from Phrao passed by, I let them drive back without taking me to the doctor for vaccination. I don’t think Bindu has any sickness.


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