Insight of the day

Today AD left the monastery for one week.

I went on almsround, he didn’t go because he wanted to get a lift down the hill. 

Later I was doing some tidying in the Vihara, washing the inscence bowls, sitting in front of the Vihara near the tab and trying to polish the brass. The sun was shining bright, I was in the shadow and looked over the ground at all the green and took notice of the beauty of the moment. Useless, totally useless, none the less beautiful. Just to catch our attention and keep us going in samsara.

I took up the polishing again and thought: ‘It is green enough and it is beautiful, I love it, I am happy to be here and I have time for practice because the monastery is so small that it take not much to keep it in order. I can even do some useless things like polishing-meditation. It is nice to be alone with nobody to tell you what to do when. There is always something to do, I just see it and do it when I feel like.’ Pause of thoughts for a moment, then the chain of thoughts continued: ‘There is always something to do. It will never stop. Wherever I go, whith whomever I be around, things get dirty, break, decay, there is always someting to clean, to repair. This is samsara, it is all impermanent. Do what needs to be done when the time for it is fit because only in the present moment is real beauty, real perfection to find.’


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