The talk for the blue gum sangha went very well. They want me to come back and give more talks. Maggadhira was delighted and could not understand how I can be so ‘brilliant’ and joyful in this difficult situation. After the talk I received a call from the blue mountain meditation center and am invited to give a talk and to teach meditation.


Next talk in Rumi’s house. She invited about 50 people and didn’t want me to mention the recent ongoings. No problem, I spoke on how to overcome anger by developing patience and so on. Those who knew of the problems knew what I was talking about but those who didn’t know of any problems would not have guessed.


I bowed to Chandra, that was kind of a spectacle.


The week went by and I spent every evening at Rumi’s house speaking with her, Mani, Melanie and Rumi’s parents. Instead of what I expected to happen, that they will lose faith in me when they will see me every day and get to know me better, they got so much faith.


The whole week through people came, offered food or invited me for lunch. Deepika took me out to a Indian restaurant and told me her story. Mani opened her heart and told me about the deep dark spots 🙂 in her heart…


Saturday and Sunday we had farewell lunch, Saturdays at Krish’s and Sunday at Rumi’s. Maggadhira and Karunasitala came on Satureday, also Nisha came from Melbourne. Harshini and Dilan cried, losing their mom.


It was quite heartbreaking and Rumi asked if I could imagine to come back and they would offer me a house to stay. I said it is possible but a future plan.


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