Finally gone from Santi. Good. It lasted too long, should have gone earlier.

Nice to have some days in Sydney with friends before going to Thailand.


Last impressions after leaving together with Chandra in a car: Patacara moaning: “but she is alone with a man in a car” and at the gate Barbara standing together with Margret smoking, Barbara stops the car, opens the door to my seat, says with utmost anger in her voice: “Das war das 2te mal das meine Tochter gemobbt wurde aber jetzt hat sie ihre Lektion gelernt und kann sich wehren, dafuer danke ich dir.” Then she showed me the finger and I closed the door smiling, Chandra pressed the gas and off we went. Stop at Maggadhira’s place briefly listening to Hans’s sermon on how I should have kicked everybody out and then finally off to Sydney, to Mani’s house. One week for the Sri lankan sponsors.



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