IMG_0484 IMG_0486The wonderful aggrandizement of chicken.

In the beginning there were no chicken. The green grass was vast and empty of poultry. Then one day a group of four chicks appeared. Their mom might have gotten into a pot, who knows. The 4 grew up together ate the grass, the seeds, the insects and got some grains of rice from us. One day they brought other chickens with them when they came to eat. Two rosters and 4 hens. Then we got a dog who unfortunately likes to chase chicken, he chased away 3 of the group of 4 chickens. But now another hen with 11 chicks is coming. The last one of the group of 4 turns out to be a roster. Couldn’t see that in the beginning. He and the two big rosters are getting more and more trusting. They stay somewhere in the monastery, I believe. At eating times they come all out, all hens, chicks and rosters and are waiting for their rice to rain from sky. They know now that it is me who throws it and come closer every day, the rosters in front of all.

The little one, the left over from the group of four, Gaw-son comes now so close that he picks the rice out of my hand or pegs my fingers or feet. The bigger rosters Gaw-sky and Gaw-ker are not so darey, they run after me and come in arms reach, but not closer. Today Gaw-sky’s hunger for rice was greater than his fear and, seeing Gaw-son eating out of my hand, he came and picked up some grains of rice right next to me. I never had chickens so close to me. Funny. The dog for now is not chasing chickens anymore. At least not the one of the monastery. He was running after one the other day when he came with me on alms round. But he hurt himself on his foot and he’s limping a bit.


Gawson comes to sit on my arm and eats from my hand. He needs to learn to distinguish between edible, like rice and non-edible like my hand. The dog Shabala does chase chickens When I left he had killed one of the 11 chicks.


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