Friday the 1st of November, 5 o’clock, I go for a walk to the village, the dogs Muffin and Shabala are joining in, Bindu stays. I clearly remember petting her back and tell her to stay home since she is so pregnant. The door to my kuti is closed. When I come back from the walk the door is still closed but has scratches and when I enter Bindu greets me friendly from inside the kuti… How could she? Did I not??? I had a blanket to dry hanging in front of the window, so I didn’t see right away what happened. When I took off the blanket, I almost yelled. Bindu had ripped the lower part of the window mosquito screen into stripes and pieces with her paws and teeth.


I closed the shades of the window with the ripped apart screen, then we spent some time in the kuti the dogs and I. At 6 we rang the bell and went to chanting. (Well, I ring the bell but the dogs all come rushing and howl and bark as if they would want to help)


During chanting, towards the end, I noticed that Bindu left her place behind me because a cold wind blew at my kidneys. I heard weird sounds but continued the chant. It was as I found out later Bindu scratching the door. Then I heard other weird sounds. And after about 30 seconds or so it stroke me ‘that’s Bindu destroying the next screen in order to get into the kuti’ and I ran out to open the door for Bindu. It seemed she was ready to give birth and I knew she had chosen my kuti,the square under the stairs as the place where it would happen.


Hastily I prepared a place with a towel and a blanket, later I went to improve and got some wooden bars so that she could press her body against them and had a barrier for the little ones so the could not disappear. From 7:00 pm through 11:00 pm she gave birth to 8 little puppies. I helped sometimes, when it seemed that the puppies who were out already, searching her mom would get squeezed by her when she was in painful pressure to get the next one out. It was less a bloody mess than I had thought, I have to admit. She hadn’t eaten all day. Now she was eating the placenta of each little one and licked them clean. They instantly started to crawl around, one always seemed to want back into his moms womb the others went for the tits.


She had 4 boys and 4 girls. All appeared black, some with white feet and gray or beige underfur. So, it seems Muffin is the father and not Grumpy.


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