We entered the vassa in Santi forest monastery almost one month ago. It is cold and windy but despite all the changes that have taken place in the past months it is quiet. People are getting over the first shock that Bhante left Santi little by little. Fears cease and minds find back to more peace again. I feel strangely outside of all hassle because I haven’t been here for long and do not miss Bhante’s presence here therefore.

The first of the Bhikkhuni’s is in her personal silent retreat and all falls back to kind of new routine which seems to be good presently.

Mae Chii Faa is determend to take

samaneri ordination on the 3rd of September and I rejoice a lot. Because of visa regulations it might well be that she only ordains for the 2 remaining months of this vassa and returns back to Thailand to live there as a Mae Chii again. But is fantastic to see how inspired she is and how she practices the text for her ceremony. Even sponsors for her ordination pop up out of the blue for her. If anyone near would like to join the ceremony on the 3rd of September here at Santi, please feel welcome.

frist month


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