mountain monk

This satureday Mae chii Elena and I went to Phrao. The original plan had been to stay and receive a visit. A dear monk friend who had spent a month in the south to do a metta meditation retreat had announced his visit here a WRP. Then being in the area his old teacher was brought to hospital where he died. After that he (the monk and friend, not his dead teacher) got a ride to a monadtey close to ‘his’ montain, where he lives as a hermit and hence skiped the visit here.
So we went to meet him at that monastery and went up the hill, a 2 hours drive in a Jeep, to his hermitage in a really very remote village without electricity. After spending some hours in the wooden vihara talking about the Dhamma to our driver, we left the monk and a little puppy dog. If nothing happens we’ll meet again one day. The dear friend will spend the next couple of months there on tihe hill – while my travel karma is taking form.


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