australian call

Now I have been resting and putting some weight back on the bones for two and a half months. Spent many hours meditating in my room that is like a large wooden box. From the windows I look directly into the crowns of the trees.
Not much happened. Which is just perfect. My friend Jens who had become the Novice Yasa in the small community of westerners in Sri Lanka has left the place as well. Don’t know where he is and how. When I talked to him last he was still in robes, looking for a teacher whom he could trust and who would train him. May he be well!

Funny how things go… Bhante Sujato resigned from his post as an abbot of the Santi forest monastery. As a result I will have to go to the Santi forest Monastery. 🙂 Not to replace him, though 🙂
The place might be run by Bhikkhuni’s in future and a senior friend (senior in years as a monastic, otherwise I carry a body a few years longer across this planet then she does) is there needing my help in whatever. I don’t know jet. What I do know is that I have a ticket on the 20 to BKK and 22 to Australia. I got a one year visa. A Mae Chii is trying hard to get an Australian visa to accompany me and a young Bhikkhuni will spend three months as my younger sister. The return ticket back to Thailand is open. My teacher sends me off with joy after he received a letter requesting my help there and my pavattini gives her blessing for the journey. These are the known facts. And there we go.

Nelson, the most serious lay practitioner I ever met, a 70 year old American, is taking burden from his shoulders. He left friends and family behind to study Dhama and practice meditation in the solitude of an appartment. Now he will spend the rainy season in a forest monastery.
It is such a joy to see him learning and practicing. In 70 years one can do a lot which can cause remorse, he said. But he is not giving up spiritual development because he see that time and space are irrelevant because the Dhamma is timeless.



  1. Heard a lot about the bhikkhuni ordination, seems like lot of hatred. One ex-monk informed me about this document, it can be downloaded from

    In this document a Sri Lankan senior monk called Ariyadhamma says (on page 99), “starting a bhikkhuni dispensation means ‘grabbing the key to hell’s gate.” I was shocked how a Buddhist monk can hold such a narrow minded view, but then after reading the whole document it became clear, knowing lot of Dhamma superficially doesn’t mean that one has Dhamma within.

    Truth is fascinating than fiction, one can learn a lot about modern Theravada Buddhism.

    With METTA,

    • I am happy that I was not one of those Bhikkhunis ordained in this ceremony in Australia. I think it is hard to bear all this controversy. My ordination was in America an just beaitiful harmonious with Bhikkhu and Bhikkhuni Sangha present.
      I will read the document..

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