approaching present

A few word on my stay in Sri Lanka: This is a beautiful island. Not ony the landscape is of great beauty. Also the people. It is hard to imagine that these wonderful, warm hearded, in Buddhist teachings so learned and well behaved people could get involved in a war. In some rare moments only I noticed that some would fight for what is right.
I didn’t see much of Sri Lanka, though. Having got a one year visa and an invitation to help and teach, I thought I woild have time to visit the most important Buddhist sites later and let go some possibilities to go. But the tieredness to travel was stronger than the curiosity to visit ancient places. Being part of the small community of westerners in Sri Lanka was nice in the beginning. But with the arrival of a woman who was false and the arosal of ‘the blose issue’ the situation turned out to be poisoned. As this woman ordained I thought I have to and will let go of place and community.
It was an interesting experience though. I never met such a false and calculating person. I helped her to find that place and to get into the robes. Now I can only hope the Dhamma will do its work and transform her mind. May she see that using falsehood as vehicle to get what one wants is not the Buddha’s way. For my part, I will avoid getting in contact. asevana ca balanang, panditanang ca sevana, etam mangalam uttamang. To avoid being with fools, to seak being with the wise, that is the greatest blessing.
In the end, when the small community went to Thailand for retreat with the greatest meditation master I know, I had the chance to visit my ‘home’ monastery and my mettafilled, compassionate teacher and a elderly nun who even my mother recognizrs as my ‘Thai mom’, I decided to stay in Thailand.


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