and another start once more

The last intent to start blogging again is more than one year ago. I stopped writing before going to Amerika for Bhikkhuni ordination. Ajahn said: ‘no more stories’. With every post I wrote I made a little instant a more or less big story which lasts. Every story was tainted by my view. In fact no story is ever truth but just the perception of what is going on internally and externally of the author.
Many stories large and small happened in the meantime. I’ll try to catch up and bring loose ends together little by little. Not that it really matters. I will intend to taint as little as possible and keep my views out, although I know that it is just this view that gives a story what it takes to be interesting.
Instead I will try to bring what I perceived in relation with the Damma, the Buddha’s teaching – which after all is the only really thing worthy to be mentioned, the only really interesting topic, so to say.
As I might get a video camera in near future I will also try to talk about the Dhamma into that camera and publish the result here.

For those interested the blog about my first two years as an 8 precept nun, ‘silly nun’ struggling with Thai culture, dealing with monks, being left alone in the forest, meditating looots etc. has the address:


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