still at my sisters.
face is sunburned from the last walks at the beach and reading outside.
was chatting and skyping with friends the last days.
had some kidney problems, am taking antibiotics and drink lots of teas or hot water, it’s already ok again but have to finish the treatment. It’s really heavy and influencing my mind. For some hours after taking the medicine I’m drowsy and dull.
I didn’t meditate much these days.

Tomorrow I’ll go and see a Bhikkhuni with whom I’m in e-mail contact since last summer.

Last couple of day’s I received e-mails of concerned friends. Thank you for your concern and your caring thoughts. Here is actually not much to worry about. I’m fine, thinking more than necessary, too much, though. Not only sadness or thoughts of disrobing arose, as well peace, being happy to be a nun and so on …
mind is unstable, thoughts are coming and going, I watch them and write the most significant down, not thinking that any of you friends may worry. I probably should not write all this, knowing that some of you worry, but since this is still my diary, …
But obviously what I write sounds, when you read it, much more serious then it is in reality.



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