time for equanimity

Yesterday in the morning I was watching the dogs play on the terrace of the hut i stay in. then i noticed that i had tears in my eyes because these wonderful beings have to live such a miserable life as a dog. Being dog in Thailand is no fun at all. They don’t get very old here, are fed mainly with rice and are in general full of diseases and parasites. And i can’t change that.
Compassion is good to have, no doubt about it. And i don’t have to work on it to get more. it’s time to master equanimity now.
I am attached to this place, to the dogs, to the donators, to the serenity.
Therefore i decided to go to Wat Ram Poeng next week. I’ll stay there for an intense course until i am old. :o) Which is not very long, only two weeks, on the 18.06., my 50th birthday.
Presently Ajahn Suphan is teaching the foreigners again, the Bhikkhuni is translating into english and my brown robes will be accepted. So, best conditions.

Sometimes it’s excellent to have the chance to practice alone in solitude, but one has to know, when it is time to get some teachers advice. This time has come now for a certain nun.


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