Pow’s funeral is on friday, i promised to come to see them every day until then. They have a monk staying at their home now. He don’t like me, when i went in the yesterday afternoon, i got the ventilator, attention, respect, etc..
When i left, my lower robe was quite loose and i greeted only with one hand and held the robes with the other, nobody took care until he mentioned and giggled, but he was the only one giggeling .
This morning at almsroundtime, he was brooming the street. When i came, the son (not drunken!) told me they don’t have food for me today, “doesn’t matter”, said i greeted and went on. While turning around to continue my way i saw the monks face with a sneering smile.
eventually i’m monkophobic :o)

In about two weeks all puppies will be gone, we found home for each.


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