you remember … two weeks or so ago i went to a Dhammatalk with ajahn kasem and the abbot of where we went got furious about my brown robes.
Well today the (small) head of the district came to see me. To tell me that wearing brown robes is not good. Lumpoh came and listend.
I did my best to understand and answer his questions. And the atmosphere was friendly all the time.
He told me in thailand are no bhikkhunis and i said “i know, i do not pretend to be a bhikkhuni, i know i’m not, but i try to keep the 311 rules bhikkunis have. Like a sikkhsamana.
He said, “you can’t.” I said, “but i do, without being a bhikkhuni, i just do my best to hold them”. “That’s o.k.”
He said i could wear white, i said, “i have only brown and ajahn thong himself allowed to wear brown.”
If i ordained with Phra Noah, he wanted to know. “yes i said, he did yhe ceremony, but he is in america, ajahn suphan is my preceptor.”
I said, “now i’m wearing only my big outer robe because i wash everything, i have fleas, usually i wear my brown mae chii robes. I showed him my frying robes. This one, the big outer robe i only wear here in the temple.” He agreed and said that’s o.k. “But don’t go out with it, if the police see’s you wearing monksrobes, they arrest you.”
Lumpoh mentioned that i wear it on pindabat. “She gos pindabat?”, the other monk asked. “Yes, i do”, i said. Lumpoh said, “she needs to wear it on pindabat”. “O.k.”, said the monk, “for pindabat you can wear it as well”. Lumpoh told him the story of the monk who came to whom i showed the walkingsteps, and how skilled i am in meditation and how much i help brooming. ( it’s true meanwhile 90 % of the templeground is “my” brooming territory, it’s about time nadya comes back.) Lumpoh defended me. That was nice.
The monk asked about the expiry of my visa. “December”, i said.
If i wanted to have some students for german or english classes, ask the monk. “No problem”, i answered, “i have time”. See if they bring me students now …
then he said, before my visa expires, i shall come to him, he will do the documents for the visa for me, in october.
I was not sure if i understood correctly. And asked if he want to help me with the visa or if he does not want that i stay longer than a year. he said, he has a friend in Chiang Mai who will do it and the documents don’t have to go to Bangkok, he just needs to call the friend.
Who knows what and where i will be in december. …

Somewhere where i’ll find the four nissaya*, i hope. Wherever that is.

*Nissaya, the four basic requisites of a monk [and a nun :o)]
– alms food
– (rag)robes
– a dwelling, at least a tree to stay under (for women: a place we can lock at night)
and (urine pickled) medicine



  1. Dear Phalanani:

    I found your blog using, I always watch Bhante Yuttadammo videos. in which you answered the questions too. I’ve moved a lot, your patience and your desire to help people find answers to their questions.
    I meditate every day, as a lay person, I have not much time, but I’ve seen great results, I have not a teacher, not a monastery where to go, because there no one, in my area in Pennsylvania.
    I don’t know if I’m practicing well, I’ve only search on internet, Mahasi Sayadaw tradition, I read some books Ajanh Chah, and others Theravada’s teachers.
    Your simplicity and your story about how you have become a nun, has inspired me a lot and has crossed my mind many times, but I have my family here and in South America. I hope one day to meet you in person. Do you speak Spanish ? sorry some spelling, it’s not my native language 🙂
    May you be well, many blessings.


    • Dear Norma, thank you for your kind comment. Yes I do speak Spanish although I didn’t speak for 6 years now. I am happy to be of help and can inspire.

      Much metta to you

      • Hello Phalanyani,

        Thanks for responding! sorry, i have not received in my mail your first message, the second if it fell into my inbox 🙂
        Yes, hopefully one day we can meet in person, let me know if you some time are traveling to US, I’m in Pennsylvania. I understand that you are far away and is hard to travel alone to Asia, I wish you good health and full of blessings!!!

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