Busy day

Today I took out everything off my kuti, washed what is washable put floormats into the sun, some clothes in the freezer, showered 3 times. All tips I found in internet. No idea if I could get rid of the flees. If they are still there, I have to get vinagar somehow, with this smell the flees will flee. Or lemongras.
I’ve red one tip to put a candle in a low bowl, put water with a little bit of dishcleanser and light the candle close to where the flees are, by trying to get to the warm flame, they jump into the water and drown. Guess a nun with precepts shouldn’t try this one.
The best tip was to take some gras or strow and go swimming in a lake, dive but leave the strow above the surface of the water, all flees will jump to the strow which you just release.


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